Could empowering women help us meet all the Sustainable Development Goals?

by Gold Standard

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Assessing gender impact

Despite these linkages, UN Women found that there are no internationally established methodologies or standards for 23 out of the 53 gender-related indicators. So how do we leverage gender equality for all to help us deliver on the broader Agenda 2030? Even more fundamentally — how do we measure progress?

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The links between cooking and gender equality

About 3 billion people — almost 40% of the world’s population — still rely on cooking over an open fire to feed their families. Inhaling these toxic fumes and soot lead to 2.6 million premature deaths each year, primarily women and children.

Women’s responsibilities in households and communities, as stewards of natural and household resources, positions them well to contribute to livelihood strategies adapted to changing environmental realities. — UN Women

Measuring — and maximizing — progress

Gold Standard-certified projects are required to contribute positively to climate protection plus two additional development benefits. For years, projects that deliver clean and efficient cooking solutions to communities have tackled many of these social, economic, and environmental challenges. These efforts have helped lower household spending on fuel, minimize women’s ‘drudgery’ or the many hours spent on unpaid work like fuel collection and long cooking times, and reduce their exposure to deadly fumes.

  1. Increase in income generation opportunities and equal pay
  2. Improved access to financial mechanisms
  3. Incentives to recruit women, increase capacity and provide career development
  4. Time saved in collecting and carrying water, fuel, and forest products and putting it to better use
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Quantification to unlock funding

By quantifying and certifying gender impacts, projects can tap into additional funding from an increasing pool of gender-lens investors and a rising demand to credibly report on what dollars have delivered. The Gold Standard Gender Equality Framework is flexible and indicators can be selected according to what funders or projects priorities.

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